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Local SEO Marketing Strategy

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important? Showing up at the top of organic search engine results, such as Google, yields more potential buyers than any other form of online marketing. Period.

SEO favorably positions you in front of potential clients who are actively looking for your products and services. These are the customers who will contact you directly about how your company can help provide them with a solution.

Having the right value proposition strategy is critical in order to convert these highly targeted and sought-after buyers into paying customers.

Bottom line. Those who win the battle for online supremacy not only thrive in good markets, but they are able to survive during lean business cycles while their competitors are forced to close their doors. SEO is a must have sales and marketing channel for every business. Online market share is extremely important today and will become even more so in the future. Our proven methodology will get you there.

Google Adwords Online Advertising

An optimized Adwords Marketing campaign funnels searchers to your business’s products and services while lowering your cost per lead.

Trivium will ensure your website pages offer your products and services in a way that maximizes the return on your ad spend. We’ll help you gain as much paid traffic as possible based on your budget.

This method is known to result in instant calls and sales; revenues that build your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing

It’s a harsh reality. Social media is simply not being utilized correctly by most companies. Many have difficulty determining what branding activities are worthwhile versus a waste of time. We can help.

Trivium leverages the power of social media to build relevance and trust for your company, which results in higher rankings in search engines, like Google. This drives more qualified traffic to your website and puts real customers with actual market intent in front of your products and services.

We use your social media assets to garner sales and returns for your business so that you’re not just online for the sake of being online.

Reputation Management Online Marketing

Every company needs to actively monitor their online reputation. Its important to make sure that good and favorable reviews on your products and services are being posted and highlighted.

Unfortunately, bad reviews occur sometimes, but Trivium can help you manage these in a favorable way. The reality is that you can’t make everybody happy all the time. Difficult customers are a part of every business and need to be managed in an online environment. Negative reviews are extremely difficult to erase from electronic databases. Smart businesses are not just taking notice, they are taking proactive steps to mitigate this risk.

This is a crucial service as more and more people are looking to reviews when making a buying decision or even considering which company to contact. Scaring away potential customers is bad for business. We work with you to ensure that you consistently put the right foot forward in managing the online reputation of your brand and company.

How Is Trivium Different Than Any Other Service I Have Seen Or Used?

We only work with businesses who can profit with us and who are committed to providing value to their customers.

There are some cases where there is not enough online revenue potential to justify certain services we provide. For this reason, we only offer our products in cases where we know that you’ll get a great return on your investment. Our only interest is to engage in relationships that are Win-Win-Win. When you and your clients win, we win, too.

Furthermore, we do not work with businesses who are unable to provide a solid product or service on a consistent basis. We will not, under any circumstances, bring a company to a dominant position in their respective online market, if they do not care about the value they provide to their customers. We also do not work with adult themed industries and rarely take on clients who are in a start up position. In the case of the latter, we do make some exceptions for businesses that possess the appropriate expertise, experience, and budget.

Also, although we do handle national accounts. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs or entrepreneurially-minded businesses regardless of their size. There is nothing better than working with like-minded individuals who love the freedom and challenges of building something for themselves and their families. We absolutely love free market capitalist who work hard trading value for value with their communities and customers. We strive to do the same at Trivium Marketing Systems and it’s the reason why we enjoy getting up for work in the morning.

How we conduct our relationships with our clients is simple: Contracts are month to month. Clients can cancel at anytime, with 30 days notice, as we never lock businesses into a long-term agreement. This means we work to earn your business, over and over again, each and every month. We understand that we are a revenue generating expense, and therefore, when you spend a dollar with us, we must give you back more than that dollar for our relationship to thrive.

Its not about the amount of traffic we generate. Its about how many qualified phone calls you receive. Its about how many products and services you sell. In short, we care about elevating your bottom line.

Systematically Grow Your Business Marketing Reach

Need a Reason to Believe Our Results?

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can help you dominate your market online. After a short preliminary call in which we showcase the results we have obtained for our clients, your only question will be:

“Can you get those kinds of results for my business?”

The answer is yes. Provided that your market has adequate online search volume for your products and services, we guarantee a positive return on your investment or we work for free until you do.

Our confidence is backed by our proprietary online marketing systems that have consistently outperformed other SEO services over time, year after year. How? We are constantly educating ourselves, doing the hard research, participating in case studies, and performing the rigorous testing necessary to innovate and update our proven strategies.

Guaranteed Fast Results

Get Leads Immediately Even While You Wait For Other Lead Sources

We challenge you to find any other digital marketing agency who can match our offer!

We guarantee a return on your investment in 180 days on all local marketing campaigns or we work for free until you do. The time clock begins the moment we have optimised your pages and website structure. This process can take a couple of weeks to one month on average for most local businesses. Larger websites and new website builds, understandably, may take more time to optimize. Once this work has been completed, our 180 Day Guarantee kicks in with the second stage of our process where we quickly begin building the relevance and trust required to ensure your brand wins online.

We challenge you to find any other online marketing agency who can match our expertise and guarantee!

Our Proprietary Trivium Methodology:

Digital Data – High level in-depth online market research of your industry including detailed analyses of each and every competitor. What are the characteristics? What can we infer from the Standard Distribution (Bell Curve Analyses)? What effects, if any, are resulting from outliers?

Market Logic – Sifting through the data to get rid of the ‘noise’ while focusing on the ‘gold nuggets’ to understand the true underlying factors affecting your market’s landscape. This is accomplished through our in-house SWOT Analyses: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Competitive Wisdom – Translating the SWOT Analyses into efficient complementary work-groupings and prioritizing our strategies accordingly. Implementation of these activities and methodologies will produce the strongest base and foundation for online branding success. In simple terms, we apply our wisdom to accumulate results for you.

This is how we win and dominate the online discussion related to your business.

Smart Phone Searches for Local Services are Huge

According to Google, “82 percent of smartphone shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches. Over 90 percent of survey respondents also said they were likely to click on the first set of results. 88% of consumers making local searches from a mobile device take an action, such as calling or emailing a business, within 24 hours! 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.”

We land you these mobile phone searches and much more. While most companies focus on going after specific keywords for each industry, we take a much more holistic approach. We strive to make your brand relevant and trusted for every keyword in your market. Building a trusted brand is the only way to accomplish this. To achieve and maintain this goal, it takes a lot of hard, persistent, and intelligent work. Why not leverage our expertise?

If you are still reading, it’s likely that you’re a good fit with Trivium, and we would be delighted to discuss how we can get results for your business. From our experience, only those who are driven to succeed will invest their precious time to read this far. Please know that we are equally committed to winning for you and your company. We thank you and sincerely appreciate your time and interest. Feel free to contact us to explore how Trivium Marketing Systems can enhance your digital presence, so you can reap the benefits of earning more business, helping more customers and making more money. Guaranteed. It’s time to get busy dominating your online market!

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